Friday, January 05, 2007

Loony Left Attacking Democrats

Cindy Sheehan's loony left peace movement attacked a Democrat news conference about lobby reform yesterday. The poor Democrats didn't know what to do. Nobody disrupts them! So they ran away to a nearby caucus room to figure out what to do.

Sheehan and her ilk believe that they are the reason Democrats are now in power and the expect immediate action on defunding the war in Iraq.

"Speaker Pelosi and the Democratic leadership can no longer tell us what is on the table," Mrs. Sheehan said. "We are the ones that put them in power and they are not including the peace movement. ... It needs to be at least included in the discussion."

She demanded the elimination of funding for the war, an investigation and impeachment of President Bush for what she called "lies" to justify the war.

It will be an interesting couple of years to see how the Democrats deal with their powerful fringe groups who think they put them in power. The Democrats have only themselves to blame as they did cater to these groups.

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