Friday, November 10, 2006

Down In The Dumps

Well, I've been down in the dumps since Tuesday's disastrous election for my side. My motivation to put up any posts has been zero. On top of that, my old computer, a Windows 98 machine, finally died on me late last week and I picked up a new one. I was hoping to wait until Windows Vista was released in January but I needed one now so I got this one. So I've been playing with my new toy in between work and family which limited my time on this blog.

I am also trying to digest all that has happened and is currently happening since the election. Both nationally and statewide.

In a way, I'm glad that the GOP lost the House and Senate. It was a good housecleaning that swept out a lot of Republicans who have lost their conservative bona fides over the years. We need to get some good "Reagan Republicans" back in office instead of those out of control spenders that seemed to dominate the party during the past few years.

I know that Bush was trying to "get along" with the Democrats since he took office and supported all these big government programs in hopes he could get them on his side. Unfortunately, he did not understand that they would never support him. All the Democrat-like spending that went on during his administration only alienated the GOP base and failed to garner Democrat support. It was a huge mistake where he should have kept to the Conservative values of smaller government - he had a GOP congress for goodness sake.

I fear now that he is going to totally capitulate to the new Democrat controlled congress. It's going to be a very difficult two years.


  1. I know that Bush was trying to "get along" with the Democrats since he took office and supported all these big government programs in hopes he could get them on his side

    Seriously, these 'big government' programs are republican expeditions friend. The sooner that you realize that republicans are no longer fiscally conservative... ah, you wont get that.

  2. I certainly hope Mr Bush starts using his veto power now.

    And Shane, don't get too smug. In 2 years there will be another election.
    Plenty of time to get the conservative base, who didn't necessarily agreed with some of these more liberal moderate republicans (or RINOS like most of us like to call them), up and going again. At least we're big enough to admit our party has it's problem elected officials. Are you?

  3. Shane,
    I am fully aware that those programs are republican expeditions. Which is exactly what I was lamenting in my post. It was a mistake for Bush and the Republicans to push those forward.

  4. Andy, if it's any consolation, Election 2006 probably didn't go quite as well as it should have for the Dems in Montana. Tester was up by 7% about a month-and-a-half out. We finished at closer to a margin of .75%. We lost seats in the legislature (although, interestingly, we beat individual incumbents, while y'all picked up open seats). On the PSC, we held two seats, although one is headed to recount.

    This election strikes me as heavily reminiscent of 2000, but in reverse. A lot of Dems thought the 2000 results meant that their party was on the cusp of breaking. I read the results to mean the Montana electorate is still closely divided. That's how I read the 2006 results here, as well.

    Y'all came very close to bucking a national tide. My side still has a lot of work to do if we're going to turn Montana blue.