Friday, October 27, 2006

Initiatives Go Down In MT Supreme Court

Liberals again rely on the courts to advance their agenda. The Montana Supreme Court unanimously upheld District Judge Dirk Sandefur of Great Falls' ruling in CI-97, CI-98, and I-154.

It seems that the opponents did a much better job then the supporters in court.

The high court said opponents of the three measures presented substantial evidence that signature-gatherers violated state laws on initiative petitions - and that initiative supporters did not refute this evidence.

Although supporters may not have had the opportunity.

Butcher said “compelling evidence" to correct Sandefur's decision was never allowed to be presented.

I am confident that these initiatives will soon be seen again as they are necessary and important. They gathered the required amount of signatures so they do have widespread support.

Supporters of the initiatives said they were disappointed with the decision, but that they will keep pressing the issues.“Generally, if something doesn't win, you redouble your efforts through more ballot measures or through the Legislature,” said Trevis Butcher, a Winifred rancher and political activist who coordinated the campaign for all three measures.

This is another classic example of Liberals not trusting citizens to vote the correct (liberal) way. They need the courts to forward their agenda because us citizens are too ignorant to vote properly.

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