Thursday, October 12, 2006

Democrats Shopped Foley Emails to Media

Well, now we know that the Democrats had the Foley emails for months.

The Washington Post ran a story yesterday confirmimg that Democrats shopped the story for about a year and the media didn't bite - until a month before the election.

The story quotes the editor of Harper Magazine:

Ken Silverstein, Washington editor for Harper's, said on the magazine's Web site yesterday. "I know this with absolute certainty because Harper's was offered the story almost five months ago."

Silverstein said his source was a "Democratic operative," the same source that had provided the e-mail exchanges to the St. Petersburg Times in November 2005. Both the magazine and the paper declined to publish a story. But the source "was not working in concert with the national Democratic Party," Silverstein added. "This person was genuinely disgusted by Foley's behavior, amazed that other publications had declined to publish stories about the emails, and concerned that Foley might still be seeking contact with pages."

So the Demorcats and media concern for the pages is a bunch of garbage. They were shopping the story to hurt the Republicans. This is why the story broke just before the election. If there was true concern for the safety of the pages, the story would have been run months ago.

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