Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Burns Just Blew It

Conrad Burns' critisim of firefighters in the Billings airport last week just sealed his fate that he will be returning to Montana next year. Montana will now have two liberals representing us in the US Senate. I'm very angry and disappointed with Senator Burns. He had a very difficult political campaign ahead of him going against a much more personable and likeable Jon Tester. After watching the debate a few weeks ago, I was very nervous for him as he seemed defensive, mean and grouchy while Tester seemed informed, polished and likeable.

Then he goes and attacks a heroic Montana icon - the wildlands firefighter. How dumb regardless of whether he was right or not. He was sticking up for ranchers in Eastern Montana who complained to him about firefighters driving past fires on their ranches while going to other fires. I'm guessing it was a couple of his buddies who are big supporters of his but it just was the wrong thing to do where most Montanans will shift their vote to Testor because of it. I may not even vote for him as he seems to be one who sticks his foot in his mouth too much. I won't vote for Tester either as I will never vote for a liberal.It just makes me mad that we will now have a liberal Gov and two liberal Senators. Thank God for Dennis Rehberg!

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