Tuesday, August 23, 2011

What Some People Will do to Get More Benefits

Here is the headline:  Woman 'encouraged husband to have sex with 12-year-old girl so that she would get pregnant and they could claim more benefits'

This is exactly why I am opposed to tax increases and most of our welfare policies.  Freaks like this do not deserve any of my hard earned money. Too many of them get it, however.  Pisses me off.  


  1. put this on Twitter. Is Msla far behind?

    Ayn Rand

  2. Let me ask, Dave - you wouldn't want laws based on the worse case scenario, would you?

    That's rhetorical, because I'm damned sure of what your answer is for that.

    Is what you describe despicable? On many levels. But to eliminate assistance programs for everyone because of this is..is...is what I was getting at when I started this comment.

    People should have to work, when able, if they're to receive any assistance. I don't care if it is working at some day care or picking up litter on the side of a highway - or managing the group of people doing that work.

    I'm not religious, but I am a moral person. I can't advocate for policies that would leave those truly without means to starve or be without shelter

  3. I don't know who Dave is.

    I don't want laws based on the scenario that there are little to no requirements to get the aid.

    I absolutely agree with your point of having people work at some task to earn their assistance but we don't require that and have created a generation of parasitic dependents. Look at what is happening in Europe.

    I am religious and moral and fully support giving to those who truly are in need of assistance. Despite the government redistributing my income, I still give to my church and several charitable organizations that help people in need. I dislike most Liberal's and the government's definition of who is truly in need of assistance, however. I consider the way the government redistributes the wealth of producers to the non producers as immoral.

    I've been around for a long time and seen and experienced a lot of things and I can tell you there are more people collecting assistance who don't deserve it than there are who do - in my opinion. I would prefer to ensure those who do deserve it get it and for me to keep more of what I earn to spend as I see fit.