Friday, June 10, 2011

The Palin Emails - Weird Obsession by the MSM and the Left

The MSM is so obsessed with Sarah Palin, they can't wait to comb through her emails from when she was Governor of Alaska.  The MSM have even sent people to Alaska to take delivery of hard copies of the emails and the UK Guardian, the Washington Post and New York Times are asking their readers to act as investigators and find incremental conversations. They are breathlessly scanning each and every email and updating their websites by the minute with new copies for people to read and comment on.

This obsession with Palin tells you a lot.  They are so afraid of her and a angry that she is not allowing them to destroy her.  No matter what they throw at her, she keeps coming back stronger and stronger.

Has there been any other Politician of whom they have been so ridiculously obsessed with destroying??

There is only one logical answer.  They are deathly afraid of her and her ability to lead Conservatives and Moderates to a landslide defeat of the biggest failure of a President, BHO.

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