Thursday, December 09, 2010

Obama's Successes in His First Two Years

In an effort to be credible, I want to praise Obama for his successes in his first two years. Below are the things I consider successes of things he was either able or unable to accomplish even with a super majority Congress...

  • Retaining the Bush era tax rates
  • GITMO remains open
  • The war against terror in the Middle East continuing
  • No Union Card Check
  • No amnesty for illegal aliens
  • No gay marriage law
In addition, his incompetence as a politician, communicator and governor led to an overwhelming landslide for the GOP/Tea Party in 2010 which, hopefully, will lead to the reversal of the health care reform and lead to more policies that will actually help revitalize our sick economy.

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  1. Ya, but at least the repugs didn't try to assinate him yet.