Thursday, February 08, 2007

Honk 4 Peace Silliness

It's Thursday afternoon around 1PM and I'm in my office working away when I start to hear some intermittent honking on Higgins Ave. I look out my window and see a half dozen people holding signs that say "Honk 4 Peace" with a peace symbol and "No Troops". There is even a little girl helping out. They are positioned on the corners of Higgins and Front encouraging people to honk.

So I go outside to watch these people for a while as I find it interesting and fascinating. The first thing that crosses my mind is where do these people work? Do they work? Perhaps this is their lunch break.

The second thing that crosses my mind is these people seem to think they are really doing something important. I can tell by their body language and their facial expressions that they think they are making a difference.

The third thing I noticed was how few cars really were honking their horns compared to how many did not. In the fifteen minutes I watched I counted about one honk in every six to seven cars. I would think that every other car would honk in support especially in downtown Missoula.

The fourth thing that crossed my mind was I bet they are waiting for media to come and take pictures and do interviews. As of 2:00, I hadn't seen any yet but I bet they will come and be featured in the Missoulian, Independent, and local TV news.

I was very amused watching how silly these people looked. Standing on a corner in Downtown Missoula in the rain holding cardboard signs encouraging people to honk if they are for peace and celebrating each time somebody does. They really think they are doing something important.

I really do love Missoula!


  1. First thing noticed: an easy Ad Hominem

    Second thing noticed: These people care so I am superior to them.

    Third thing noticed: Honking validates me.

    Fourth thing noticed: All any of them really want is what I so desperately desire ... fame, Fame, FAME!!! Bwahahahahaha!

    Nice try, Andy. One person's silliness is another's concern.

  2. Andy, you have got it right. In todays world, meaningless activity is its own reward. Look at the Senate and their non-binding resolution.
    People who actually accomplish things are not the ones standing around with signs.

  3. Good call Andy. Standing up and rallying support for something that you believe in is always a bad thing.

    In a democracy, the more people are involved, the better it works. But involvement by the general population is a bad thing for your side. The more people know, the worse your outlook is.

    you really should go an look up Ad Hominem. You'll be much more effective.

  4. Why is it ad hominem to wonder if these people work? Drive around Missoula during the work hours, and you will think that nobody in that town works.
    As to doing their part, yeah, they have the right and the ability, but they are cheerleading in Missoula. How difficult is that?
    Do something that is unpopular, and you will get more credibility. Principles are always more important than polls.

  5. "Why is it ad hominem to wonder if these people work?"

    ???? You're smarter than that, Steve, (and yes, I do mean that seriously.) It's a textbook Ad Hominem. It says that the opinions can be devalued based on the perceived work ethic of the opinion holder. You do know what an Ad Hominem fallacy is, right?

  6. You could always stand out on the street corner on your lunch break with a sign that says "Honk if you want tax cuts for the Richest 1%" and see how many cars you can get to make some noise.

  7. How about a sign to say "Make the rich pay their fair share." That would mean quite a reduction in their marginal rates wouldn't it?

  8. or you could support a 3% increase in state employees wages with 1% going to those making over 80 000 dollars and 2% going to those making less.

  9. You guys are trying to confuse me with big hard words!

    I find it very ironic that I am criticized for using ad hominem by the very experts of the technique!


  10. Claims with no support, Andrew. Tsk, tsk, tsk. Stand up or stand down. Which do you choose?

  11. All I gotta do is visit your place or read your comments.

  12. Stand down with whining then. i accept your capitulation.