Monday, December 04, 2006

MT GOP Votes Conservatives Into House Leadership

The Montana GOP voted one of it's most conservative members as Speaker of the House. Scott Sales from Bozeman is the right man to lead the party back to prominence in the Montana government.

It's a relief that the House Republicans see the reason they have been weakened. They fell for the Liberal and Moderate call for bipartisanship, compromise, and getting along. What Liberals mean by bipartisanship and compromise is to believe and support Liberal policies. While Moderates just go along with whatever sounds the least controversial.

Speaker-Elect Sales will be pushing forward bills that define them as Republicans - permanent property tax relief, harsher penalties for sex offenders, a "personal defense" bill, and giving parents more rights over a child's decision to have an abortion.

He is also going to try to make some cuts on Schweitzer's $700 million, a 22% budget increase!

To the Republicans in the State House and Senate, fight for what you stand for and for your core beliefs. Don't fall for the getting along bipartisanship smokescreen the Liberals and media promote. It's a one sided proposal where you are on the wrong side.

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