Monday, October 09, 2006

Why Liberals Should Not Be In Charge, Part 1 Clinton and North Korea

With North Korea testing a nuclear bomb yesterday, it's important to note when and who assisted them in developing and acquiring the technology. It was the appeasing liberal, Bill Clinton during his term in office. He is fully to blame for the current crisis we face with North Korea.

In 1994, Clinton made a deal with North Korea, called the Agreed Framework, that was designed to prevent the North Korean government from developing, acquiring, or exporting nuclear weapons. Basically, the agreement required the US to pay North Korea in exchange for it's promise not to produce nuclear weapons.

Of course, Kim Jong Il took the money and went ahead and developed nuclear weapons. They gave us a piece of paper that promised they would freeze their nuclear program and in return, we gave them 500,000 tons of free oil every year and built them, for free, two $2 Billion nuclear power plants that were to be used to produce electricity. Japan and South Korea also gave them a tremendous amount of aid. Another famous Liberal appeaser, Jimmy Carter, helped with this deal. (from columnist Charles Krauthammer)

Now, of course we know what they really did with their nuclear power plants, courtesy of Bill Clinton. They made nuclear bombs.

Liberal diplomacy is to appease. It's so much easier. It's too difficult to be tough, people might not like you. Those who are being appeased, however, laugh while continuing their evil ways.

This is one reason why we cannot allow Liberals to be in charge of our great country. I will follow up with others reasons in the future.

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