Monday, October 02, 2006

Tester Wants To Repeal The Patriot Act! Wow.

Gotta give him credit. He had the guts to say it plain and simple in the Butte debate. But wow repeal the Patriot Act. Pretty shocking, irresponsible and naive to say the least.

I think in a Liberal's mind, they consider themselves pretty important. There is an arrogance and elitism that clouds their way of thinking. They think that the government is going to be spying on them.

From Tester's web site:

Jon Tester believes in freedom first. Under the PATRIOT Act, the FBI could obtain records on every video you ever rented and every book you ever checked out. They can obtain your bank statements and medical records; they can even keep tabs on our guns. What’s worse is they can request this information for any reason at all, without your knowledge.

There are 300,000,000 people in the US and Tester is concerned that the FBI is going to snoop in innocent people's video rentals, library records, bank and medical records. Talk about arrogance wrapped up in paranoia. Does the FBI have the time and manpower to search 300,000,000 people's daily transactions? No.

They are only going to "profile" (another liberal dirty word) people who are possible or known terrorists or sympathizers. The aim is to protect American citizens from terrorists.

Tester wants to take away one of the most important tools our government has to prevent terrorist acts.

What would you propose should you repeal the Patriot Act? Don't just go for the sound bite, give us some substance.

Come on Jon, you and your supporters are not that important or that interesting for the FBI to be snooping around in and investigating your records and transactions.

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