Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Tester Uses Brother To Bolster His Commitment To National Defense

Right from Tester's web site:


This is Jon Tester.

My brother spent 34 years protecting America in the Montana Air National Guard, so when Senator Burns questions my commitment to America’s security, you can bet I’ll set the record straight.

This is pretty impressive. Talk about a reach. Does Jon and his handlers realize how ridiculous this sounds? Probably not due to their arrogance and their misunderstanding of the purpose of our military.

This is coming from the same party that trashed G. W. Bush about his service in the Texas Air National Guard.

Tester is a liberal who opposes the war against terror. Despite what he claims otherwise, he will vote to weaken our national defense and our military. It's what liberals do.

I have read blogs and letters to the editor mocking Conrad Burn's service in the United States Marines during peace time. He voluntarily served in one of the most elite branches of our military. That has much more credibility than Tester using his brother serving in the National Guard.


  1. Thanks Andy. Side note, love your blog!

  2. Thanks Right Wing Dude. I appreciate your support. It's kind of lonely in the Montana Blogosphere for us conservatives.