Monday, September 04, 2006

Mexican Liberal Can't Understand He Lost and Refuses to Concede

Liberals in the US and now in Mexico just don't understand it when the stupid electorate does not elect them. It happened with Bush vs. Gore, Bush vs. Kerry, and now in Mexico's Presidential election with Calderon (conservative and winner by 240,000 votes) vs. Lopez (liberal who lost).

Lopez, instead of conceding the election, which has been deemed the cleanest and fairest in Mexico's history, is encouraging his followers to fight, protest and refuse to accept Calderon's victory. He is even planning an alternate government. This will clearly result in setting Mexico back politically and economically.

Vincente Fox has been very successful in reforming Mexico's government and economy but has been held back from many of his reforms by the opposition party.

One way to eliminate the illegal immigration of Mexicans is for Mexico to adopt economic policy like ours. Give the Mexican people the freedom, liberty and incentive that has made the United States the most successful, prosperous, and innovative country in the history of the planet. Give them the opportunities in their country that they seek in our country and we will no longer need to worry about our southern boarders.

The legally and fairly elected Calderon will help bring this to the people of Mexico. Lopez brings nothing but class warfare and failed liberal policies and ideas.

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