Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Negotiate with Hezbollah Terrorists?

It was refreshing to hear that the Bush administration was not going to go for a cease fire in the current Israel - Hezbollah war. Why? Because a cease fire doesn't accomplish anything in the long run. It only puts the hostilities on hold. Somebody has to win and somebody has to lose. Clinton negotiated cease fires and look now. Hezbollah went into Israel territory and attacked Israel soldiers and took two hostage. They saw Israel as being weak due to the capitulation that Clinton helped negotiate in hopes of bringing peace to the area. They thought Israel would capitulate again but are now shocked at the aggressiveness of the response. These people do not want peace. They are extremists who want Israel and Jews exterminated. How do you negotiate with that?

To negotiate a cease fire with Hezbollah would only give credibility to this terrorist organization and give them a victory. Israel needs to continue the battle until they win a complete surrender from these terrorists. Israel is fighting this war by attacking targets and trying to minimize civilian casualties while Hezbollah is lobbing rockets into the heart of Israel cities, targeting innocent civilians. It's easy to choose which side to root for. It's a choice between civilized and barbarians.

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