Thursday, October 13, 2011

THR 2.0 Breaking Records With Photo of Protester Shitting on American Flag

This is a screen shot of  today's Pageview's stats by post.  Looks like a lot of interest in the guy shitting on the American Flag.


  1. No. What it shows is that no one reads your blog unless you post bullshit and someone else links to it to show how sick and twisted and devoid of humanity you are. Congratulations on your "success."

  2. Guess the previous poster did not like their photo taken and put on a conservative blog.

    A reader

  3. Seems like there's even more interest in the fact that you took that image from FOUR YEARS AGO and then tried to pass it off to further your crackpot redneck agenda.

    and people wonder why the Tea Party had a 20% approval rating. Dimwits like this liar.