Friday, January 26, 2007

Prices Going Up at Missoula Businesses

I usually go to lunch in Downtown Missoula every day and I usually go the the same places and order the same thing. I'm not very adventurous when it comes to trying new things on the menu.

I noticed that the prices on the menus have gone up about 15% in the last two weeks. I wondered why. So I asked the managers and owners. They had to raise their prices in order to pay for the increase in the minimum wage.

Are all the local restaurant and business owners raising their prices? I bet they are. Are the employees who received an increase in their wages, because of the new law, coming out any more ahead? I doubt it. Employers still have to pay their bills and so they pass on the increase in their payroll expenses to the customer.

I also have bills to pay and did not benefit from the minimum wage increase so I decided to reduce my tips by about 15%.


  1. That'll teach those minimum wage earners! Of course, if you can't afford to tip, you shouldn't be going out to eat.

  2. I suppose you're OK to when gas prices skyrocket though, because oil producers have the right to make profits. Even though we pay taxes on gasoline, and our government subsidizes the same oil companies.

  3. Oil companies earn their profits through the money they invest in exploration, extraction, refinement and production of their products. The better the company is managed and operated, the more profit they earn.

    Gas prices are market driven through supply and demand and commodity markets.

    The government subsidies for Big Oil came about when oil was less than $20 per barrel and cost more to produce then sell. These came about realizing that without the free flow of oil our economy would crash.

    Minimum wage is an arbitrary wage given to low income workers who are unable or unwilling to be productive enough for their employers to deem them worth more than minimum wage.

  4. Hey, tell that to your waitress next time you go out for dinner! That would be fun!

    Do you suppose our economy would survive losing minimum wage employees? Who would stock the shelves at the grocery store or wal-mart? I used to earn minimum wage, and I was not unwilling or unable to be productive. How long do you suppose a hard working minimum wage earner would have to stay with a company like wal-mart before they earned enough money to make a living? I interview many people every week who are hoping to break out of low paying employment. Many of them, in addition to low wages, work the 6am day shift one week, then the 7 to midnight the next.
    A good employer/manager knows that they can get their money's worth out of paying higher wages, if they know how to run a business.

    I am amazed by people like yourself who are so quick to defend oil companies, who would take your last penny, while condemning your neighbors who want (and maybe even deserve) to make a higher minimum wage.

  5. OH Wacko Lib. You still don't get it. Conservative aren't defending oil companies. We are defending the free market. I would be willing to bet that if there was no minimum wage and people competed with their merits instead of just settling for what the government tells them they are worth, most would earn more. The minimum wage is a democratic feel good ploy and yet another example of how they harm those they claim to help. Let me make a prediction…the sales of industrial dishwashers will soon rise. Why you ask…because it will soon be more economical to buy an automatic dishwasher than to pay a manual one. The sad thing is that democrats will end up benefiting with new votes by causing job losses. Won’t it be great to be a democrat, the more damage you do the more power you gain.