Friday, October 06, 2006

Dems Getting Nervous

Left In The West's Matt Singer posted, what seemed to me, a rather concerned post about the recent Zogby poll that put the Burns - Tester race at a statistical dead heat. There is a lot of hopeful rationalization in his post.

What is most interesting are the comments where Tester's supporters are angry and frustrated about what the mean and evil Conrad Burns is doing compared to the angelic Jon Tester. I have to remind myself that most of these people are young and inexperienced. They accuse Burns and the Republicans of going negative where Tester is being too nice.

Being who they are, liberals, they see any dissenting debate on their beliefs and candidate as a negative attack. They are blind to the fact that there may be another side, and it may have just as much validity are theirs. This is quite simply, liberal arrogance. I see equally "negative" ads from the Democrats attacking Burns. It doesn't bother me because it's politics and I understand the game.

The Tester supporters need to understand that campaigns are tough. I'm happy that my candidate is getting in there and doing what he can to get votes and promote who he is and who Tester is. I don't see it as negative at all, I see it as being aggressive and assertive - traits I want in a senator. If Tester is too timid to fight for what he believes during a campaign, how will he do in Washington?

I was told recently that there is a place reserved for me in Hell because I was happy about my side fighting to get the minimum wage initiative thrown off the ballot. Mainly because of initiatives 97, 98, and 154 (conservative initiatives) were recently thrown off.

Because I don't support the minimum wage initiative, I am an evil person who deserves Hell.

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  1. Hi -- I write a blog about the initiative process from my conservative perspective and I've spent a lot of time recently on the Montana petitions.

    Links are here, here, here and here.

    Please drop me a line if you hear anything or post again on the subject.