Saturday, December 16, 2006

Further Evidence That Tax Cuts Grow the Economy

According to today's Missoulian, the wealthy in Montana did very well with the tax cuts enacted in in 2003 and effective for the full year of 2005. Not only did the wealthy receive a tax cut, but everybody did of which I am personally grateful. I enjoy keeping more of the money I earn.

Since the tax cuts were enacted, the state has faster growing wages and a nice treasury surplus.

Predictably, Democrats just can't bring themselves to admit the tax cuts had anything to do with growing wages and the surplus even though it has been proven nationally in the 1960s, 1980s, and now. They can't seem to understand percentages vs. dollar amount and see high income earners "unfairly" getting a higher dollar amount of tax cuts than lower income earners even though the percentages are similar.

Bottom line is the more money that people get to keep, the more they will spend in the economy which, in turn, spurs economic growth and helps out everybody.

It's not rocket surgery.

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