Thursday, December 14, 2006

Does Anybody Else Think This is Fishy?

Governor Brian Schweitzer has been heavily promoting renewable and green energy development in the state since he was elected. This is a good thing, particularly for Eastern Montana's economy which has been suffering for a long time.

Yesterday, it was reported that the Public Service Commission approved new prices for small “renewable” power projects in Montana selling to NorthWestern Energy, with Republicans arguing the decision will cost electric ratepayers more money. Democrats said the decision will help encourage development of small wind-power and other alternative energy projects across Montana.

I am 100% certain that the Governor supports this increase so that the development of small wind-power projects will be encouraged. Why wouldn't he?

It appears his brother, Walter, owns a company, Repower Montana, a small energy venture that's investigating a possible wind project in Judith Basin County.

So now we know how Walter is going to be compensated for his adviser role to Brian.

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