Thursday, September 08, 2011

Obama's Wild Successes

Back when Obama was inaugurated, Rush made the statement that he hoped Obama would fail.  Being an intelligent Rush fan, I fully understood what he meant by that statement.  We knew back in January of 2009, that Obama's policy ideas and goals would be destructive to the US economy if implemented. Because we knew this, we hoped he would fail. Only a fool thought that hoping for Obama's failure was hoping for America's failure.

Unfortunately, Obama has not failed. Rather, he has been wildly successful. His policies were passed  and implemented and we are now living with the results.

The Wall Street Journal had an opinion piece this morning titled The Obama Presidency by the Numbers by Michael J. Boskin and in it, included a list of Obama's record breaking accomplishments.  I'm posting the list here.

Here are Obama's successes...


I am heartbroken the Obama has been so successful.   His policies have done exactly what I knew they would do - taken this country to the worst economic performance of our lifetimes.

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