Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Liberal Intolerance in The Missoulian LTE

In today's Missoulian LTE section, is a letter from a woman attacking intolerance.  Her screed is against Conservatives.  A weak and ignorant mind can see the fault in others but can't see any in themselves.

And let's not neglect to mention you tea party characters who, along with the former president's regime, are ruining or have ruined this country. Or have the nerve to blame President Barack Obama, like he somehow magically reached back into the past and pulled all the strings to create the depression we now, er, enjoy.
You embarrass yourselves, all of you. Let me remind you of Cathy Kulonis' quote in Monday's (August 8) letters: "If my people turn from their wicked ways, then I will heal their land." Did it ever occur to you self-righteous right-wingers that you are the wicked ones? Or are you too busy nosing around in your neighbor's life.  

She is clearly mad and upset but through her fog of anger, she fails to see her own intolerance.  I find it funny that she even continues to blame President Bush for all the problems we are experiencing today despite the clear evidence that it is Obama and his fellow Liberals running Congress that have caused our severe problems today.
These people are dangerous and irrational.  Anybody who can, with a straight face, claim that Obama is doing a good job and the continued destruction of the economy is Bush's fault, is being dishonest or is plain stupid.  
I am pleased to see several commenters agree with me in calling the LTE writer out on her own intolerance   

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