Thursday, September 21, 2006

We Do Not Cause Global Warming

I have heard a lot of noise about how humans, particularly Americans, are the cause of global warming. I have yet to be convinced, however, that this is the case. All I have heard are theories, doom and gloom. Show me the proof.

Global warming and global cooling have occurred on this planet for millions and millions of years. It's a naturally occurring cycle. And we are in a naturally occurring warming cycle right now, the end of a mini ice age.

With this said, I consider myself an environmentalist. I enjoy, promote and encourage a clean and healthy environment with clean air, crystal clear rivers and lakes. This is why I live in Missoula Montana!

To say humans are causing global warming makes no sense to me. The eruptions of Mount Pinatubo in 1991 and El Chichon in 1982 put more pollutants in the air than humans and our automobiles ever have. Even the fires in Montana since 2000 contribute. But guess what, the planet cleans it up very nicely and efficiently.

The goal of the the Al Gore global warming crowd is to impose more government control on businesses and the population. By frightening people that they are causing the future doom of the planet, they can easily impose more control and restrictions on us.

Common sense, to me, dictates that we are not causing the current warming trend. It is simply another cycle that has been going on for millions of years. I certainly don't advocate trashing the planet but let's not go overboard and try to fix something that we are not causing and are incapable of fixing.


  1. Wow you claims are so patently false I don't know where to begin. First, volcanoes cause DECREASE in the average tempature. Second, burning trees doesn't add to the net CO2 in the air the same way fossil fuels do. Why, you may ask. Because trees are made of carbon from the air ie a tree growing removes CO2 from the air and if it is burned it just goes back. Fossil fuels on the other hand bring carbon from deep in the earth that has been removed from the atmosphere for millions of years. So, now hopefully you understand.

  2. Yes, volcanic eruptions cause a temrorary decrease in average temperature. However, they also put florocarbons (CFC) into the atmosphere which deplete the ozone.

    Mount Pinotubo put a thousand more CFCs into the atmosphere then man has ever contributed. And that was only one voclanic eruption.

    The planet has been in exsistance for over 4 Billion years and has expereinced countless volcanic eruptions. There is still an ozone layer despite all this.

    We couldn't destroy the planet even if we tried.

    I admit I am ignorant to forest fires and the CO2 and I concede that to you for now.