Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Democrat Problems

From the conservative Spectator web site, there is an interesting article about Democrat concerns regarding the upcoming election.

The mainstream Democrats are growing concerned with the far left's growing influence.

"We probably started that drumbeat too early and we're losing a lot of that momentum," says a Democratic political strategist. "You could blame a lot of things, Howard Dean, and some of our more established candidates, but I would blame the Lieberman/Lamont race and the blogosphere. Things just move too fast nowadays."The Connecticut Democrat Senate primary put a national spotlight on the inner-workings of the Democrat Party and they weren't pretty. Voters saw a far-left wing of the party with remarkable sway over a mainstream majority with little interest in a fight.

Anti War candidates are also vulnerable.

"More important, in most primaries, is that ten to 15 percent of undecided voters have already vented about Iraq," says another Democrat consultant. "The problem is, those voters wanted to express their dissatisfaction with Iraq, but they also want a solution. Pulling out isn't the solution many of them want. They aren't going to be voting for an anti-war candidate. I think my party has overshot its position."

Should be a lot tougher than the Democrats out there were expecting in November.


  1. Andy,

    I would say one thing, relying on articles whose primary source is "a Democratic political strategist that doesn't share their name. That shows me that they are not willing to stand behind their postions or are not exactly what they are quoting.

    Additionally, consider this:

    “Unless something big happens, this election is going to be a horror show for Republicans,” said Cook. “When you talk to Republican pollsters and strategists, the nicest word you can come up with is `despondent.’ This is going to be really bad.”

    Article here.

    All these are folks 'opinions' for now. If they are wrong, they are not held accountable, especially if they didn't use their name.

  2. One other note, if you want to be taken seriously by conservative bloggers in this state, consider commenting over at Craig's place MtPolitics. Craig and the other posters are intelligent and there are lively debates. Not the name calling and racism you get at the other sites. This state is in need of good conservative bloggers, you might make one but not if you fall into the white trap.

    You'll notice, none of the other conservative bloggers comment over there. In fact, most conservative blogs have removed their links to him. There must be a reason for that. I think that open debate is the best thing for our country. Take this for what it is worth, coming from a small 'l' liberal, but you are new to the scene so I wanted to give you a heads up.

  3. Thanks Shane.

    I'll check it out.