Friday, September 15, 2006

Confusing Letter to the Editor

In a Letter to the Editor in the Missoulian today, I'm not sure if Mr. Elander is pleased with Rehberg's votes or unhappy with them.

I am assuming he is a Liberal, being in the Missoulian, and thinks that these votes are something to be ashamed of. To a conservative like me, Rehberg's votes go right down the line of what I agree with and confirms his conservative idealogy.

Check up on Rehberg's votes

No doubt, the thinking voter reads the "How your lawmakers voted" graphic in the Sunday paper, but it is hard to recall on their votes over the past year.The following may help you; unfortunately the riders and earmarks are not reported by the press.

The following are only with regard to Rep. Denny Rehberg, R-Mont.:

HR 4297: tax cut, to extend through 2010 the 15 percent capital gains and business write-offs for business equipment. Rehberg's vote: yes, to extend.

HR 2863: United States should abide by the U.N. convention pertaining to torture of prisoners. Rehberg's vote: no, not to abide.

HR 4437: border fences, U.S.-Mexico border. Rehberg's vote: yes, for the fences.S 1932: deficit reduction, mainly targeting student loans, and Medicaid and Medicare. Rehberg's vote: yes, for the cuts.

HR 5429: Arctic drilling. Rehberg's vote: yes, to open the refuge to drilling.

The above are all from the Missoulian during the past year.

Jim Elander, Missoula

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